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MAE 30 Cal Moderator

MAE 30 Cal Moderator
Stainless silver & Bead blasted $250 in stock
Stainless Black $290 to order
6-30 ST Muzzle can 5/8x24 thread 38.1 mm outer Diameter
This product has been developed to cater to all budgets offering the shooter a high quality product at an affordable price, with the performance and reliability equal to that of our more higher spec products.

•This model has been developed for the recreational or commercial shooter where high output and or exposure to harsh environments are a daily occurence.
•The 6-30 ST model will fit on even the shortest barrel lengths with only a minimum of 0.59" (15mm) barrel required.
•This versatile model can be retro-fitted onto multiple calibre rifles from 6mm through to the big 300 Magnums developing in excess of 3000 ft/lbs of muzzle energy.
•5,000x round minimum service life (approx. life of a standard rifle barrel).
•This model is constructed using only quality corrosion resistance materials, with high resistance to flame degradation, retaining structual integrity.
•This model requires NO extra adapters and is not of modular design which can lead to structual, alignment or accuracy issues.
•No internal cleaning or maintenance required.
•Fully sealed and welded construction for maximum service life.
•High corrosion resistance to salt water exposure.
•Finishes either brushed stainless or black (Gun Kote 2401F).
•Improved recoil reduction for solid target aquisition.
•Warranty: 5 years
Price on Silver $250
NZ$ 250.00
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Merchant: Target Sports NZ ltd
Address: PO Box 16-554, Tauranga, , New Zealand
Postal: PO Box 16-554
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