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Ruger 77/44 in stock

Bushmaster A2 223  16" & 20"   In stock  A-Cat

Smith & Wesson M&P 22-12     In stock

AR15 and AR10 Parts and Acessories

DPMS Creedmoor 6.5  Available A -Cat    $2750       In stock now
Pictured E-Cat

ROCK RIVER     308's
    In Stock Now

ROCK RIVER    Predator HP 308 A or (E as pictured )                           

A-Cat  with A2 stock and monsterman grip                    $2900
or Thumbhole as pictured (Scope not included) 


               Winchester SXP Marine defender  $690   In stock

CMMG 300 uppers for AR15 Back soon

Most AR15 and AR10 are available A-Cat if required


                                          GENERAL PARTS AND ACCESSORIES


          Magazines From $60                                             In Stock Now



                                                      TAURUS 1911 9MM   PISTOLS From $1100


LASER Devices       Trijicon  Burris  Leupold  In stock

                     MAE. WW- Compact  MODERATORS
                                                    304 Stainless, $490 in Stock

                          Winchester Extream Weather SS  7mm.08 Rem  $1890


                                                                IN STOCK NOW            



 We Are NZ Licenced Firearms Dealers

Please note that some products that are backordered in the USA can take many months or even a year to obtain
Importing certain parts and rifles can be a game of patients,so please be patient if ordering ex USA
We do not buy off Auction sites like Guns America or Gun Broker,only through our US retailer/Exporter

All prices include GST  Scopes not included on any rifles
Due to the Massive shortage and Price increase in the USA of AR's we cannot provide any ETA for new arrivals at this time