AR15, AR10, shotguns, bolt action, pistols and firearm accessories.

TSNZ   New Spares Have arrived and more coming           

SIG Sauer E-Cat only 3 models available 

POF Revolt 223 . Bolt Action. 

CMMG 22LR AR15 Uppers are back  

Browning Buckmark 22 Pistols  From $880 

DPMS GEN 2 RIFLES  Available A-Cat only  (Pictured E-Cat)

Rock River Arms ATH  18"  


Good Seletion of high peformance Triggers

Rock River Arms R3 Competition  18" 

           H & K 416  22LR       16"  $1675   

      Winchester Model 70 Ultimate Shadow Hunter 338 Camo  


WILSON MATCH BARRELS 300 AAC & 223/5.56    
                          White Oak Armament, Spikes, RRA, 

                                AR15 / AR10 Handguards


                           Rock river 9mm,BX15 Ruger,FN 308,AR15

Winchester Super Grade 338 

Springfield XDM pistols 9mm,40Cal and 45  

Rock River arms 6.8 & 300 Blackout uppers for AR15   From $1390

                                          GENERAL PARTS AND ACCESSORIES

Optics , Laser Devices  Trijicon  Burris  Leupold 




We Are NZ Licenced Firearms Dealers. Please read the About Us & FAQ's before ordering
Target Sports Tauranga New Zealand  NZ Licensed firearms Importer Specialising importing rifles, shotguns, pistols and revolvers - both bolt action & Semi-automatic MSSA ECat and ACat Savage, Rock River Arms, CMMG, Bushmaster, Armalite, DPMS,Smith & Wesson, Browning, Winchester to name a few  LAR8, LAR9, LAR10, LAR15, LAR47,AR10, AR15, AR-10,AR-15 .22, .223, 5.56, 6.8, .308 ,7.62, 7mm08, 300 AAC, Blackout, 9mm, 40 cal, 45 cal, 50 calibre.e  Shooting & hunting accessories, scopes, scope rings, mounts, tactical vests, butt stocks, triggers, Uppers and lowers, barrels & magazines, silencers & Moderators, delta rings and Free float hand guards selling to the private Sector and trade.  We handle most things including Varmint, Target & 3 gun.

Please note that some products that are backordered in the USA can take many months or even a year to obtain
Importing certain parts and rifles can be a game of patience,so please be patient if ordering ex USA
Mail order only No Pickups or store visits . Valid Email address and ID is required for all Imports

All prices include GST.  Scopes not included on any rifles
Due to the Massive shortage and Price increase in the USA of AR's we cannot provide any ETA for new arrivals at this time