Frequently Asked Questions


Who are Targetsports?

We are licenced Firearms Dealers specialising in the Importation of Firearms into New Zealand.( Your Agent to import ) Whether you live in the United States  and wish to bring a Firearm into New Zealand or you live in New Zealand and wish to import a specific Firearm, we may be able to help. We are based in Tauranga. We are no longer bringing in Stock to sell but just specialising in importing for customers.

IF I want a gunbroker item can you get it ? 

Yes . If you found something on gunbroker that was being sold by an FFL dealer,(Non FFL dealer items can not be exported)our supplier could bid on it and buy up to a set price for you.We have to pay up front the total amount so we need your full payment to start the process. EG if the item was $450 US  he adds 25% margin plus freight to him ,usually about $30 US .Your cost landed with all the fees will be the USD multiplied by 2.4 . You need to apply for an import permit first before we order  You get the permit and send it to us Once we have the permit we add it to our others and send all our permits to the US for processing in one bundle  . The time it takes can vary a lot and we advise customers that it will be longer than 6 months, as often some items in that order can be on back order and need to be shipped all in the same shipment So your $450 item would owe you about $592.50 USD x 2.4 = NZD $  1422.00 incl GST                 

What sort of Firearms can you Import?

We Import all types of Firearms in most of the popular brands. Whether it be a Rifle, Shotgun or Pistol. If the NZ Police will write an Import Permit for it, then we can normally Import it.We can import second hand and collectables but we cant offer any warranties on them .As we deal with a retailer in the USA we usually pay retail so base your estimates of cost on 2.4 times the US retail

If you have a Prohibited fire arm you want imported ,you will need to provide us with your import permit as above listing us as your import agent.   

 Pickups near Tauranga . Valid Email address Phone number and ID is required for all Imports

What are the advantages of using target sports?

Firstly, there is generally a healthy financial saving between the retail price of a Firearm in a NZ shop and what we land and sell them for. Aside from the financial saving many people want unusual brands, calibres or features that are not normally imported to New Zealand. Sometimes a popular brand is not available in NZ for several months. Regardless of whether you want Rifle, Pistol or a Shotgun, you will find our pricing and service very competitive.

Are there Firearms that you can’t Import?

Yes, The U.S. does have strict criteria on what can and can't be shipped across their borders. We understand and work within the State Departments Regulations and those of NZ Customs.Most centerfire semi-Autos are now prohibited here in NZ now ,so check with police before applying for an import permit 

Do you bring in spare parts?

We do bring in replacement parts and accessories  for customers.You need to supply the import permit

What happens when I buy a Firearm online through Target Sports?

Once we have your import permits  (both copies) we add those to other customers permits . When we have a reasonable order we apply for the US export licence . There is a waiting game here as we have no control on timing after that point 

How much paperwork is involved if I want to order something ?

Basically, we take care of everything with the exception of obtaining the NZ permits,We will be submitting the application and export consents, arranging the U.S. Customs and NZ Customs release shipping and insurance.

For all items you will need to apply to Wellington for a permit to import listing us as your import agent.Once we have that permit sent to us by you including a 50% deposit we can then order your item and apply to the US for an export permit. Your item will not be purchased until the export licence is granted. Refunds after purchases have been made will incur a 15% freight and restocking fee at the US end ,and will be refunded after the funds come back from the USA

How long does this take?

Due to the high demand of rifle sales in the US it can take 6 months and sometimes longer to  get your rifle or parts here as some are  made to order
We only apply for US permits with a quantity of rifles to dilute the cost of that permit ,so we only submit once we have at least a minimum of $20000 to order, usually every 4 months or so . With all these delays we always fly our orders in .Unfortunately that also adds to the cost

You will need to be patient if you want something specific, Once we get the import permit over to the USA and apply for the export licence it will take about 4-6 months and thats only if its in stock.
If it needs to be made or is a backordered item then we can not give a time estimate

Prices may vary from the time of quoting if the US retail price goes up prior to the purchase being made
Purchases are made after the export licence issues which can be some months after the quotation is given

If You have any questions please contact us

 We DO NOT ship outside NZ..